React is kinda fun

My First ApplicationI know React now! I spent the last few days heads-down wrapping my head around React and putting together some code to teach myself the basics, and it was easier to pick up than I thought. I had to spend some time reading up on stuff I hadn’t played with before like JavaScript arrow functions and went down a few rabbit holes going between the stable and beta releases of material ui, and it’s been fun! It feels good to get back to thinking about js code in terms of MVC/MVVC/MV* after spending so much time focused entirely on build systems, print CSS and cross-client email development.

While it’s temping to stick with React and put together some decent portfolio examples, I’m going to switch gears and learn Vue over the next couple days instead. After spinning back up into application development mode, skimming through the vue docs makes it look pretty easy to grasp, so I’ll have another bullet point for my resumé shortly! After that it’s onto Angular. And turkey.