My career to date has spanned a range of front-end web technologies. Over the last few years I’ve spend a decent amount of time focused on web application development, so my portfolio doesn’t include a long list of commercial URLs, but here are a few things I’ve worked on:


A small beer, wine and coffee bar in Boulder. I’ve been maintaining the website since it opened. I originally built a multi-page site using JavaScript, but later we decided to migrate to a single-page design for the sake of simplicity and convenience, as maintaining prices and inventory for a rotating wine selection proved a little time-consuming.


Carrie Jane Hair

A small WordPress site maintained for a local hair dresser. Some of the features have been removed since she opted to change locations, including scheduling integration.


sovrn meridian

A few years ago I had the opportunity to do a significant portion of the prototyping and development of meridian, a web application that helps publishers deliver advertisements for their sites and optimize their revenue through various tools and visualizations. Although there have been numerous improvements since I worked on meridian, the bulk of the experience still represents code in which I had a hand.