[react, angular, vue].learning();

jQueryNavigating the modern JavaScript ecosystem is something that requires a lot of course-correction. Years ago simply knowing core JavaScript was enough and wrapping my head about the XMLHttpRequest object before the term AJAX was coined really helped me build some cool interactive prototypes, manipulating the DOM and using parent & child nodes to store data and resize-friendly grid logic for natively ‘responsive’ apps.

As someone who is currently in the midst of a job search for front-end development opportunities, I’m taking some time to educate myself on modern technologies. These days there’s an ever-changing slew of JavaScript libraries, responsive frameworks, views, models, routing, and every company has a different tech stack. Knowing HTML, CSS and JavaScript are like being proficient with flour, sugar and eggs; you can always put something together and grasp any recipe with enough time, and JavaScript frameworks are the same way.

AngularYears ago I worked with Angular and like a lot of people I had a love/hate relationship with it. I could implement complex interfaces quickly, but the architecture was unforgiving and after years of leveraging vanilla JavaScript to support legacy browsers across different operating systems, it felt constraining to do everything the Angular way. I know there has been a lot of work to improve it since then and there are numerous opportunities for Angular developers at the moment, but I need to ramp up on Angular 2 and 4 to learn enough to realistically look into those kind of roles.

After working with Angular I spent some time coding Knockout, which I really enjoyed, and then did significant application development with Backbone. I’m slightly embarrassed to admit how much I leverage jQuery these days (with a dash of underscore), but it really does provide inarguable convenience. I’ve done pretty extensive work with it and developed jQuery libraries as a contractor a few years ago.

The two technologies I’m currently excited about are react and vue. My overall impression so far is that vue has some arguable benefits over react, but that react has a larger community around it and I’ll be opening myself to more front-end development opportunities if I focus on learning react.

ReactBeyond reading introductions and going through tutorials, my experience has been that conceptualizing a project and developing it is the best way to learn a new technology (Like building a rocket bike to hone one’s skills at hardware integration and interval timing-based microprocessor programming and barely even setting the apartment on fire twice∗, crybaby roommate.) Consequently I’ve got a small project in mind and will be using it as a jumping point for wrapping my head around react, which so far has been making a lot of sense, the details of which I’ll be posting about next!







∗ Kidding, kidding.. just a couple of issues releasing the hardware’s magic smoke while learning about MOSFETs, servos, and insulation, nothing even high-voltage, please don’t raise my renter’s insurance