Apparently photography is hard

LED light strip
RGBW strip with some printed endcaps

One of the things that software developers learn to abhor is the word, ‘just’. Just refactor that bit.. I’ll just migrate this code to a different place.. just tweak the CSS placement a little bit. If only twitching burned calories.

Consequently I should have known better than to just take some photos for my site. Most of the professional web development I’ve done over the years has either been part of a collaboratively-built web application or work that nondisclosure agreements prevent me from, well, disclosing. Not like secret government work on chem-trails or squirrel surveillance or such, simply code that folks would rather not have leave the building because of intellectual property. The end result is that while I have a nice long resumé, I don’t have a solid online portfolio demonstrating my talents, such as they are. I also have numerous hobbies that people seem to find interesting, which include a decent amount of Arduino code that I’ll be starting to maintain on github.

So I’ll just take some photos of stuff to go along with it all, throw them up on a default WordPress theme, and get on with the whole project documentation thing! But it sure is dark on my work bench, and pictures I snap in the kitchen don’t look too great with scrambled egg remnants in the background. The iPhone camera doesn’t provide much control over settings, so I’ll just use the Canon Elph 100 I got a few years ago. I’ll just set up the table, move some lights, maybe spring for a roll of paper from a photo place as a cheap background. I’ll just grab my roll of RGBW Neopixel LED’s, control them with an Arduino, real quickly design and 3D print some mounts for a PVC tube to hang from eye hooks screwed into the ceiling and mount a flexible Neopixel matrix of 256 RGB LED’s under the camera until I realized that the red, green & blue @ 100% cast a purple hue that doesn’t match the output from RGBW with white @ 100%.

Well that was a fun weekend! And it all came together just in time for the roommate to come home to discover that the dining room is, in fact, a modular photo studio. But after all the time we’ve spend playing Blair Witch (which is when he walks into a quiet room and I’m standing in the corner- timing is everything), surprises aren’t much of a surprise.

Living room photo shoot